Peekaboo animals for kids and toddlers is a great app for learning animal names and hear the sound they make. It is a fun and interactive way getting to know which animals live in the forest, on a farm or barn, in the jungle and on the savannah / wild. Peekaboo animals includes different languages so it can also be used for kids starting to learn a different language than their native language.

Unlike other peek-a-boo apps the graphics in this app features realistic graphics of animals. We believe that it is better for the learning experience that the animal looks like in real life or in the zoo. An interactive petting zoo.

This animal game for kids features:
– Simple navigation for small children. Even babies may be able to use the app and have great fun exploring the wonderful world of animals. Play and learn in the same time.
– Child friendly and realistic graphics. Why not teach your child what the animal actually looks like instead of cartoon styled images.
– Voice-over and text in different languages for early learning. This kids app currently include English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Danish, Norwegian and Portuguese language. The language in the app can be changed from the settings menu, which is accessed through the parents button on the main screen.
– Free version contains the peekaboo forest theme with 7 animals. The peekaboo barn, jungle and safari theme can be purchased inside the app. The full version includes domestic animals such as cow, horse and wild animals like lion, tiger, monkey, hippo and many more.

Is the sound missing in the app.

Guess what is hiding in the forest – A kind of hide and seek game in a virtual zoo featuring farm / barn, forest, jungle and safari theme. The peekaboo forest theme containing the wolf, raccoon, mouse hiding behind the stones in the forest is free. If your child enjoys the app the remaining peekaboo barn and peekaboo wild (jungle and safari) themes can be purchased in the app.

Use the children's app for teaching about cause and effect and become familiar with names and sounds of animals. Touch the hay stacks in front of the barn, watch the cow or pig become visible, hear the moo or the grunt sound followed by the name being pronounced. Tap again on the screen and the animal will hide behind the hay stack. Babies and young children can also use the app for playing hide and seek with crocodile, jaguar or monkey in the jungle, the bear or owl in the forest and the tiger or elephant on the savannah. It may be possible to help improving the motoristic skills of young children.

The peek a boo game for babies can also be used for learning the first words in different languages. Bilingual kids starting to learn to speak may find the app beneficial when learning their first words. The language can easily be changed by accessing the settings in the parents menu on the start screen.

If you experience any problems with the app or have a comment on how we can improve it. You can also you the contact form in the app. The contact form is located in the parents menu.

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