Cute animals, nice melodies, wonderful graphics, and more than 20 music instruments to get to know!
Animal Orchestra is a great and playful way for kids to learn musical instruments.

Kids can play Animal Orchestra music game without help from parents.

Animal Orchestra is an educational musical game for preschoolers and kindergarten-aged kids. Most educational games for kids will teach your child letters, numbers, shapes, reading, counting and other mandatory things. We believe that preschoolers and kids educational games must not be limited to what is mandatory. That's why we created Animal Orchestra – the music game for kids that goes beyond general kids education. Animal Orchestra is the first music game for kids that lets your kid play with musical instruments, learn their names and recognize them by their sounds.

Gameplay is very simple – toddlers will listen to the musical instrument sound or its name and will try to find an animal with that instrument on the screen. Upon selection, an animal will play a short melody and go to the next question.

What will my children learn?
Your child will learn names of music instruments and their sounds. Your child will grow an interest in music while playing with cute and funny animals in the game. You'll very soon see how your child starts to notice and recognize music instruments in the real world – that's what excites us the most about the game.

Play – try to recognize musical instrument by its sound or name.
Learn – listen to the musical instruments sounds and names.

There are over 20 animals and music instruments in the game:
crocodile with saxophone, elephant with cymbals, giraffe with piano, turtle with harmonica, kitty with flute, sheep with bagpipes, bear with balalaika, lion with electric guitar, wolf with guitar, goat with panflute, fox with violin, bull with double bass and many more.

Animal Orchestra. It is a great learning music game for preschoolers. Unlike other educational games Animal Orchestra doesn't try to teach your kids letters and numbers. Instead it makes toddlers familiar with musical instruments. Your kid will learn instruments names and will recognize them by their sounds. The game is simple enough for children to play without any help but also interactive enough to keep them focused. Children will listen to the instrument sound or its name and will try to find an animal with that instrument on the screen.

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