Do you want your child learn the Arabic Alphabets shaped in different locations of the word.
every letter is displayed with 3 words for example.

Children who used this app could recognise and pronounce the letters in a very short period of time, and a lot of parents expressed satisfaction with the progress of their children.

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According to our studies, children learn much better when they are concentrated letters without interruption of advertisements, so we added the option to cancel the ads by purchasing "Remove ads" in the application menus.

For ages 1-12 years.

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The Arabic Alphabet letters (huruf) called out like this:
أ – Alef
ب – Baa
ت – Taa
ث – Thaa
ج – Jem
ح – Haa
خ – Khaa
د – Dal
ذ – Thal
ر – Raa
ز – Zeen
س – Seen
ش – Sheen
ص – Saad
ض – Daad
ط – Taa
ظ – Thaa
ع – EAN
غ – Ghen
ف – Faa
ق – Qaf
ك – Kaf
ل – Lam
م – Meem
ن – Noon
ه – Haa
و – Waw
ي – Yaa

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