★★ Game Features ★★
• Win big with the mega win feature and look for thee HIGH PAYOUTS!
• Loads of themes for exciting Slot Machine gameplay, each theme brings a neew bonus game, offering a lots of free spins to ensure you have wonderful EXCITING gameplay to enjoy along with stunning graphics and sound for even more excitement and fun!
• Arctic Tiger Slots features several reel sizes that add a ton of excitement and fun to your gaming! 5 reels have 3 symbols, 5 reels have 4 symbols and 3 reels have 3 consecutive symbols! This adds lots of variety to your gaming, ensuring you have a great time playing Arctic Tiger Casino!
• There are so many different ways WIN! On the trail of the Arctic Tiger, once you have managed to win, the symbols in your win lines will be eliminated, dropping newer symbols into play and giving you even more chances to WIN again!
• Simple and FUN play mechanics! You can use quick stop to halt the reels and auto spin. Each game comes with full instructions if you need them.
• You can double or even QUADRUPLE your wins on Arctic Tiger Slots!
• Bonus games, play BLACK JACK to win yet more credits!
★★ All the fun you could want, with Free Spins and amazing graphics, Bonus Games and a whole load of FUN, so what are you waiting for? Download Arctic Tiger Slots today and enjoy the EXCITEMENT of the casino whenever you want! ★★

With a complete overhaul, Arctic tiger Slot Machine is brought right into today’s gaming world, with the wonderful graphics, sound and exciting gameplay you expect, and as always, it is still FREE!!
With a wide choice of themes, you have a game full of excitement, fun new methods of winning when you have a casino in your pocket with Arctic Tiger slots. You have high payouts and engaging gameplay, all the fun of the casino.
Choose your path in Artic Tiger Slots with plenty of ways to go, you have multiple ways to win with this multi-line slot machine, and with the chance of a mega win always there the excitement will always surround you when playing Arctic Tiger Casino slots.
Arctic Tiger Slots will increase your love of slot machines, with its thrilling gameplay and STUNNING graphics, it the very BEST slot machine you can play right now, and it’s all FREE!
With a number of Bonus games to enjoy when playing Arctic Tiger Slots, along with MULTI-LINE gameplay, including FREE SPINS and wild symbols, scatters and whole load of FUN!! You can carry the Vegas experience in your pocket and enjoy Arctic Tiger Slots whenever you want, with all the slot machine fun you enjoy.
You can enjoy that great casino gameplay, win some free coins, and take a trip with the animals with the very BEST slot machine available, Arctic Tiger Slots!

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