Battle Strike Soldier Survival is the ultimate shoot out action game that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Optimized for mobile users, this extreme fighter game is ripe with challenges. Walk around this 3D pixel world and confront deadly enemies all while collection an assortment of sophisticated, modern day weapons, ammo and health. Bring down your wrath in an amazing mission with varied enemies. Become the last line of defense in a sci-fi world of epic proportions. Enemies are everywhere and you must defeat every last one in order to claim the title as ultimate victor.

❊❊Time is running out…❊❊

I am a prisoner on a planet in a galaxy devoid of human life. I know little about my origins, only that the planet had seen a total annihilation of human life centuries ago at the hands of the robots who dominated it and I was the last human on earth. I exist in a cell so tiny that I cannot lay flat, but rather have to sleep in the fetal position. My cell is always cold and drips waste from the city above. I have seen light very few times in my existence, but when I have, I was chained in manacles and paraded about the city to the delight of the robots and their fat, alien comrades. I harbored no hope of leaving this place. That was, until six months ago when I heard it whispered between wardens that a planet was discovered where humans not only exist, they thrive. The word war was being bandied about, but I cared naught of their tactics, for the first bloom of hope had sprung to life in my chest. For the first time since I was a wee boy and my spunk was beaten mercilessly from me, I was determined to be more than a prisoner. Despite the size of my cage, I refused to let my surroundings hinder my plans of escape. I worked out tirelessly, working my weary bones until I could start to feel the strength building in my body. I would escape, but to fully succeed and reunite with those of my own ilk, I would need to confront these foes and escape this hell hole altogether. This is my tale, the story of how I escaped this planet and vanquished my enemies.

❊❊Ready your weapons…❊❊

This mission features a great variety of enemies, but when you start the game, you will be unarmed. In order to do battle, you must locate and equip a weapon. A selection of melee and firearm weapons exist across the maps. Your entity map will be a valuable asset as it allows you an aerial view of oncoming enemies so you can be prepared to strike. Collect health and ammo perks while you can, for these pickups will decrease as the levels progress making your mission all the more challenging. Let your surroundings aid your quest. Exploding barrels can be found and utilized to strategically take down enemies. Enjoy non-stop FPS action with endless battles and treacherous terrain.

How to play: Use the simple touch screen control pad to easily move, fight, select weapons and more. Kill enemies, utilize exploding barrels. Keep an eye out for hidden perks and weapons.


-Addictive and mesmerizing maps
-Efficient weapon controls and movement
-Fight your way against dozens of foes
-Think strategically
-Interactive surroundings
-Heated gun battles and ruthless snipers
-Pixel style defense game

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