Yay! It's BINGO!!

Experience the bingo game like never before!

A long time ago in Ancient Egypt..

Cosmos' harmony has ended due to the Pharaoh’s death.

So the people were confused and there was chaos.

Why was he dead?

Begin an adventure for finding the secret to Pharaoh's death.

By gathering the god’s Collection to solve the puzzle.

So You can find sacred passage to the Pharaoh's secret.

God of Sun (Horus), God of death (Osiris), Dessert of cat Goddess (Bastet), Wisdom of God (Thoth), Egyptian Goddess (Selket, Sekhmet), God of Mother (Isis), God of dead (Anubis)

and Tutankhamen…

What would be the collections that gods are guarding?

Make Bingo and fill up 16 slots to get Pharaoh's secret jackpot treats!

Now, let's start an adventure in 2014 's new blitzing bash [Bingo – Pharaoh's Way]!

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