Blackboard Romance Theme
You can find a little couple in the wallpaper. The texture of the background is similar to the blackboard in the classroom. When you touch the screen, it's kind of like you are drawing on the blackboard with chalk. All the icons on the screen have been delicately redesigned to match the blackboard theme, which gives you a feeling of nostalgia. The irregular shape and messy white lines of each icon make you feel like that they were been created by random hand-drawing. Launch this free Blackborad Roamnce theme on your phone and trace back to your happy childhood memeoreis. All the good times will never be gone, they will last long in your mind with this theme on your phone.

Blackboard Romance Theme is compatible to the wallpapers and lockers of similar launcher products. And this theme is totally FREE for C Launcher! Download Blackboard C Launcher Theme and have a try now! This is not only a launcher you can use to beautify your Android phone, but also a smart launcher master to manage your Android device.

If you are actually bored out of your Home screen without any unique charms and you are looking for romantic and lovely theme for your Android phone, this theme is not your second choice. Now, just “dress up” your Android device with delicate themes.

★★★Features ★★★
– 1 theme with 3 wallpapers & 40+ icons
– Exquisite app icons, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface

★★★How to apply a theme ★★★
– Install 'C Launcher' (if you haven’t yet) on Google Play:

– Press the home button and set the C Launcher as the default home launcher
– Open the launcher menu by select [beautify center]and apply the theme of your choice. That’s all.

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