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Simple calculator.

Made with practicality in mind, Calculator is a simple and easy calculator app, ideal for your everyday use.

It is easy to use with large buttons, clean and stylish design, and provides the basic functionalities most people need for daily calculations.
For example, Calculator is perfect in situations such as adding up receipts, calculating taxes or discounts when shopping, doing homework study for school, some calculation at your workplace, or even when you calculate a tip at restaurants.

*This is a free version of Calculator, which displays ad at the bottom of the screen. Ad-free version is also available.

– Beautiful, simple and stylish design
– Easy to use with large buttons to minimize errors
– Option to choose from 3 keypad layouts (Standard / Stylish / Ergonomic)
– Option to choose from 12 themes (Material – Indigo, Red, Green, Amber, Pink, Brown / Original – Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
– Option to turn on/off vibration on touch
– Option to turn on/off memory buttons
– Displays calculation history
– Displays calculated expression
– Percentage calculation available
– Backspace button to delete the last digit to correct a simple mistake
– Backspace button can also clear all by pressing and holding it
– Copies calculated result to clipboard by touching the display area
– Supports both portrait and landscape mode
– Displays operator symbols during calculation
– Displays your calculations with thousand separators to make it easy to read

Thank you!

*2015/09/25: This app was renamed from "Daily Calculator" to "Calculator".

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Is a simple calculator.

It has support for big numbers(up to 12 digits).
Calculator can add, subtract, multiply, divide, calculate percentage.

Calculator supports the following calculation formula.

It saves the value that you enter in the last.
It saves the clipboard.

※ Calculator is free, but you can hide the ad by buying a plug-in extension.

-Supports Home screen widget
-Copy to clipboard.
-Up to 12 digits.
-Horizontal screen support.
-The DEL key deletes the last digit entered.
-The DEL key long.
Supports TABLET.
Calculation memory support.
-Supports different Themes(Ninja BLACK/Samurai WHITE/Sakura RED/Yuzu YELLOW/Ajisai BLUE/Matcha GREEN)

Made in Japan.

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Simple calculator with the same functionality as a classic Casio calculator. Ideal for everyday, office, or school.

NOTE: We have had to adapt the free version of the app to the new requirements of google and unfortunately is no longer compatible with lower versions of android 2.3.

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A simple calculator, the display of which indicates expressions and gives easy operation for editing.
The calculator PanecalST includes features below:
*Four arithmetic operations, root, percentages, and tax calculations
*Calculations with parentheses
* Memory, M+, M-, MR, MC
*Scroll up/down lines
*Easy editing by using a cursor operation
* Cut, copy, and paste
*Expressions history and answer history
*Configurable grouping separator and decimal point

Four arithmetic operations:
1 + 2 – 3 × 4 ÷ 5 = 0.6

√( 2 × 2 ) = 2

500 + 20% = 600
500 – 20% = 400
500 × 20% = 100
100 ÷ 500% = 20

Tax calculation:
500 Tax+= 525
525 Tax-= 500

( 1 + 2 ) × ( 3 + 4 ) = 21
( 1 + 2 ) ( 3 + 4 ) ( 5 + 6 ) = 231

Grouping separator and decimal point:
123,456,789.1 + 0.02 = 123,456,789.12
123.456.789,1 + 0,02 = 123.456.789,12
(Depends on setting)
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