If you want to lose weight without endangering or ruining your health, choose a balanced and monitored diet. Whether you want to lose fat or put on some muscle, Calories! Swiss acts as your personal health coach to help you reach your goals.

Calories! Swiss offers these great features:


★ Offline database with more than 6,200 foods, plus the option to upgrade with over 5,000 additional supermarket foods (Pro version, in-app purchase)
★ Traffic lights for foods according to their energy density
★ Calculation of recipes (5 recipes free, unlimited in Pro version)


★ Nutrition Diary with optional use for meals
★ Diet assistant for losing or gaining weight (Pro version)
★ Carb unit calculator for diabetics
★ Adjustable daily recommendations for all nutrition values (Pro version)
★ Express input for calories (Pro version)

Fitness and Exercise:

★ Exercise Diary with more than 380 sports that automatically compensates for calories burned
★ Weight Diary that calculates your BMI and presents diagrams

User Interface:

★ Instant overview using the dashboard
★ Detailed analysis, including vitamins and minerals
★ Search by text, categories, favorites, and recently-used foods
★ Convenient copy of consumptions, exercises, foods, sports
★ Straightforward adding for new foods and sports

…And much, much more!

What Makes Calories! Swiss better than all the Other Apps Out There:

★ Everything is accessible offline, so you don’t have to worry during your vacation!
★ Straightforward and simple user interface
★ No forced registration with Facebook or any other website
★ Recipe calculation: Available only here!
★ Easily add new foods
★ Option to remove advertisements (in-app purchase)
★ Personal and fast support: We have great customer reviews and are always interested in hearing your feedback!
★ All purchases are one-time only (no subscription!) and aren't bound to a single device

So if you’re looking for a fun, fast, and easy way to burn fat, build muscle, or just improve your overall health, download Calories! Swiss now and see why our users love it so much!

Twitter: @digitalcure

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