This is the Lite version of the internationally successful Carp Fishing by Clear Fishing. Here we offer you 34 articles on: rigs, knots, baits, hooks, lines, end tackle etc.
The complete version of Carp Fishing by Clear fishing is sold in 7 languages and 52 countries, and is the most comprehensive carp fishing guide currently available in the major app stores.

The app covers all important aspects of carp fishing: rig construction and applicability, knots, hook patterns, lead systems, baits and hookbaits, rods and reels, fishing lines, accessories, rod pods and bite alarms, bivvies (tents) and beds, mats and sacks, baiting and fishing techniques, tips and tricks etc.

Carp Fishing aims to present all essential information in order to successfully capture capital carp. Guided by this app, an absolute beginner will be able to build up a tackle box, select and tie reliable hooks, construct rigs, choose an inspired bait and hookbait and target the capital carp.

Intermediate anglers will gain new insights allowing them to approach field situations more efficiently. Carp Fishing was developed by European carping experts, journalists and programmers.

Rigs :
The large number of rigs presented by carping magazines were trimmed down by our specialists to 10 essential rigs that practically cover all carp fishing situations: The Basic (Simple) Hair Rig, The Snowman Rig, The Combi Rig, The Blowback Rig, The MaggotRig, The D Rig, The 360 Degree Rig, Chod Rig, Zig Rig and KD Rig. Clear instructions and photos show you how to correctly construct each rig and tell you how to use it. Following updates will add derivative or highly specialized rigs.

Lead Systems:
This section teaches you how to select and construct the appropriate lead system, be it The Lead Clip System (a.k.a. The Semi-fixed Lead System, The Safety Clip System), The Helicopter (Chod) System or The In-line Lead System. There are many lead systems advocated on the market, but most of them are variations to the ones named above. Updates will present these variations as well.

The main 9 types of knots used in carp fishing: The Knotless Knot, The Improved Clinch Knot, The Albright Knot, The Grinner Knot, The Palomar Knot, The Trilene Knot, The Uni Knot, The Dropper Knot and The Blood Knot.

Baits and Hookbaits:
All major types of baits and hookbaits, from pellets and boilies to particles (seeds) and bloodworms are presented with the details of applicability and the main brands.

Hook Patterns:
The following hook patterns, their corresponding characteristics, applicability and major brands are presented: Curve Shank, Long Shank, Wide Gap, Choddy and Curve Long Shank.

Fishing Lines:
Strengths and weaknesses, applicability, major brands and price range for: Main Lines, Rig Lines, Braided Coated Lines, Soft Braids, Monofilaments, Fluorocarbons, Leadcores, Leader Lines and others.

Information and applicability of: Grippa Leads, In-line Distance Leads, Pendant Distance Leads etc.

Types of rods used in carp fishing, their main characteristics (action, power and length) explained, and advice on brands, price range and which type of rod should you choose.

Reel components (hot spots with photo close-ups), characteristics, brands and price range.

Accessories used in carp rigging: Swivels and Rig Rings, Clips, Stick Needle and Bait Stoppers, PVA, Tungsten Putty, Rig Wallet etc.

Bivvies, Beds and Sleeping Bags:
How to choose your camping equipment, what brands are on the market and which is the price range.

Baiting and Fishing Techniques:
This is a section useful for preparing a carp session or looking for new ideas while fishing.

Tips and Tricks
A high degree of persuasion was employed to extract these advices from our specialists. Follow them to succeed!

Carp Fishing by Clear Fishing was developed in Europe.

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