One image back consists of various topics of burning hot , supports two versions of English and Korean , is coloring the content is more substantial , it can be fun to play .
The painted and clean with a rainbow colored pencil and colored pencil of fourteen color theme ten insects , fruits , animals , musical instruments , dinosaurs , flowers , fish , birds , vegetables, vehicles , and it is decorated with painted eight .

It is not a baby coloring simple , to remember together the name and appearance and biological thing which I change enjoy the free time of children through Al record over Loch sketchbook that is made of precision background illustration Cool I can .

– Effects of Coloring app
It is possible to grow the aesthetic sense naturally while stimulating the sensitivity of children , select the color directly , to learn the sense of color .
So that it does not draw to have a tool such as crayons and pencils , and does Mase Li adheres to the hand and can be many times not to be able to paint only once one piece and is , Coloring further various you can see .

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