Get the ability to create high quality comics from your ordinary life's photos on your android device and then share them telling your story.

√ The Story timeline is so flexible with interactive menu, it consists of the Cover page and endless Story pages.

√ Custom story panels per page: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6.

√ Custom color choice of the story environment.

√ You can set multiple filters (at the time being 24 filters) on the same photo to get the full power, which make the final compination so unique (Cartoonize could be the basic filter of making your comic if you want to get the comic’s look).

√ FX effects and clipart are inclusive with the ability to download transparent photos from internet, which gives unlimited choices to pimp your photo.

√ Wide variety of Speech-bubbles and text places.

√ You can manipulate FX effects and text places/text the way you need: resizing, rotation, 3D transformation, deleting and the sizes of text areas.


This is the free version, you can buy the full application on:

Benefits of buying Comicize:
√ No Watermark.
√ No Advertisements.

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