Download Connect for Hotmail – Outlook

With this app you will have free access to your free hotmail email account. Now keeping in touch with friends and family is easier, even faster, by using your mobile you can write and check your Hotmail account any timefor free.

Why to install Connect Hotmail – Outlook App?

– You can access your hotmail email account from your mobile any time for free
– You can check and write emails from your android cellphone for free
– The application is enhanced to load 3 times faster than other hotmail applications
– Connect Hotmail – Outlook App only take 1.3MB of space on your cellphone.
– The app is simple and easy to use and it has all the necessary options offered by Windows Live Hotmail

* Read Important: When installing this App you understand that (Hotmail & Outlook) are protected by Microsoft Corporation and they are not related to this Appicacion, please understand that before installing this app, you must know this is an unofficial App of Outlook and Hotmail. That been said, you can proceed to install the application.

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Download Connect for Hotmail + Outlook

With connect for hotmail application you will get access to your hotmail account for free, the app is very simple and easy to use, is well optimized to run very fast in slow connections, so you don't have to worry about wait time to check your email, in seconds your will be reading our emails without problems.

Why to install connect for hotmail app?

1- The app es very simple and easy to use
2- Is well optimized to run faster in slow internet connections
3- App only weight 1.3MB in your cellphone, almost nothing, so you don't have to worry about space to install this app
4- The app is free, we created it with love so you can enjoy keeping in touch with your friends & family
5- You will now be able too check your e-mail anytime for free
6- You can now write, respond and check email in your cellphone everywhere you go
7- If you don't have a hotmail account you can create one using this connect for hotmail app

* Important: By installingthis app you understand that hotmail and outlook are protected by Microsoft Corporation and has nothing to do with this app, please be clear that this app is an unofficial app for hotmail or outlook.

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