This time something new to defend. A complete city is getting build but the rival gang of the constructor want to stop this construction. It will be your duty as the elite guardian to stop the criminals and make sure the construction site is safe. You joined the elite guardians to make the world a better place.

In this guardians crime game you will be a part of the elite guardians corps and you are allowed to shoot the criminals without asking questions. Walk around the construction site and make sure that you can protect it.
Do missions to earn money so you can upgrade your guardian. Upgrade your shooting accuracy and impact. Use your money for armor or buy health when you get shot in one of the missions.

in Construction Site Guardians you can do unlimited missions so you have an endless game.
Play the following missions to earn money
Plant and Detonate Bombs to kill the criminals
Retrieve Stolen Vehicles and bring them back to the safe spot
Kill all the criminals who are in your way
Collect special documents from the criminals with extra information about the plans of destroying the site

Features of Construction Site Guardians
Play as an Elite Guardian
Improve your shooting impact, shooting accuracy
Buy body protection by upgrading your armor
Play endless missions and protect your construction site
Join the elite guardians corps
Buy properties for extra daily income

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