1. CallSecurity
Be the only one to receive your calls.
Couchgram will allow you to unlock your calls with a passcode or pattern, similar to unlocking your phone.
Unlock to receive calls.
We have prepared an impenetrable security.

CallSecurity also includes:
– Various ways of setting a lock on your receiving calls
– Designate a lock-free number.
– Features a function to change the call receiving background screen

Use "WHISPER" in a difficult situation where you can't answer your phone.
A new way of text messaging beyond Call reject SMS

3. FlashCall
Callers express their intention when calling
Receivers know what the call is about
The business will be displayed on 'CallSticker' and 'CallMessage'.
Innovative new phone call
Couchgram FlashCall

4. Theater mode
"Even in places where light or sound are restricted such as theaters or concerts,
you can safely use your smartphone with a darker setting than is possible on a normal phone"

5. Try changing background with your own images

6. Easy to use
Once you've finished the set-up, no further steps are necessary to run the application.


Android v.4.0 or higher
Both caller and receiver need to download couchgram app in order to use FlashCall service (CallSticker, CallMessage).

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