Play the addictive game of Tile Rummi (aka Rummy Tiles).
Play your tiles in matching groups of three or more. You can use jokers as wildcard tiles.
Re-arrange tiles already on the table to create new possibilities.
If you are the first to have played all your tiles, you win the game.

This is a popular game, played all around the world in many variations.
Cub Rummi Lite offers three variations of the game.

With Cub Rummi Lite, you can:
– play 3 different built-in game types
– play against one computer player
– play with or without a 60-second time limit per turn
– choose your opponents out of three different players with individual playing strategies
– select your playing level: easy, medium or hard
– have the playing level automatically adapt to your playing strength
– undo and redo all moves in your turn
– ask for a hint when you're stuck
– pause the game at any moment
– stop at any time and continue later
– zoom in for bigger tiles or zoom out for more space
– speed up or slow down the tile movement
– play using one of the two included tile sets
– pick one of the included game backgrounds

You play by simply dragging your tiles around. Or you can tap matching tiles first to select them, and drag them all in one go. Opponent moves are animated so you don't lose track.

Have fun playing Cub Rummi Lite !

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