The secret to a good night's sleep. Just relax and let the hypnosis take over.

Do you get insomnia? Or maybe you have are lacking a good night rest… If you've felt the effects of sleep deprivation, then you know the quality of a good night rest. Simply download the app now – an ambient solution to all phases of sleeping troubles.

From fast growing Memory Lane, we introduce to you – Deep Sleep Hypnosis: Insomnia.
Treat your soul in the best natural way, with a hypnotherapist therapeutic session, specifically designed to give you a meaningful and restful experience like a newly born baby.

We have created audio tracks which cover every aspect of a good nap or relaxation in order to make you feel highly energized, focus on your needs, cure your soul. Some won’t even snore again.

No more alarm noise, monitor, clock tracker or sleep calculator, like white magic, everything will work as natural.

Memory Lane brings you the most advanced and current hypnosis techniques, sounds effects, music, free melodies and beautiful visuals to bring you calculated and guided interesting experience and to better your sleep-cycle.

Use Memory Lane Deep Sleep Hypnosis app to help with sleeplessness, anxiety, inner healing, calm your nerves and improve your focus, good sleeping nature, happy health, reduce stress and aid sleeping through ambient meditation.

Audio in this app: Male and female versions!

1. Fall asleep now
2. Sleep-stress relief
3. Full body relaxation
4. Deep-sleep hypnotherapy
5. Insomnia relief now
6. Good dreams

Enter the world of Memory Lane and be naturally refreshed.

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