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DJ Mix – mix music, remix your favorite songs, make great mixes with a pro DJ software. This app will transform your device into a full-featured DJ system.

Rock your next party! Whether you are a professional DJ or a beginner who just loves to play with music, create amazing mixes in just few seconds and liven up your parties, wherever you are. Let the hidden scratch master inside of you become a pacemaker in music.

Blow your mind, your ears and your eyes with DJ Mix!

DJ Mix Features:

All you need to manage your mix is at your fingertips!
Start your transitions directly from your device.
a queue system for preparing your DJ sets in advance
no toy-like turntables. Everything just where you need it and nothing that won't work in a club.

Popular DJ app will amaze you with brilliant color-coded waveform displays, sample pads, unique effects, and more.

DJ Mix will show you how it feels to be a real DJ.

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Download DJ Mix

DJ Mix – new cool DJ's tool for everyone. Are you a professional DJ or did you just start to work in DJ sphere? It doesn't matter, because this application will be suitable for every kind of DJ. Moreover it will be useful if you are not a DJ! Try your skills, learn new tricks and become a real DJ!

DJ Mix features:
– Realistic DJ tool
– Download tracks from your device
– Mix tracks with each other

DJ Mix – show your friends who is a real DJ!

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