The siren is screaming everywhere. The ambulance has mommy in it. What has happened to your mommy? Is she expecting a baby right now? Oh my God!!!! This is the real maternity surgery simulator game which is only for serious future doctors.

Mom needs a surgery operation in the ambulance in this emergency state. Very less doctors in the world can operate in these circumstances. The maternity operation requires certain set of skills. You need to feed the mommy 1st to see is she energized for such a big operation. You will get all the surgery tools needed for this surgery. Check the temperature for a light fever and then have an ultrasound to see the state of the baby.

Is the baby healthy enough? Is it time for a maternity surgery? You are in charge and as a doctor it’s up to you to take this vital decision. If you deem the baby healthy enough then start operating by cutting the tummy or stomach of mommy for this caesarean c – section operation.

Take the baby out and cut the umbilical cord. Wash, bath, feed and clean your baby up. With amazing new clothes and dressing fashion design to pick from

After this sew the mommy up with stiches on her tummy and stomach. Make sure pregnant mommy is fine and is able to take care of her baby.

– Feed mommy with yummy fruits
– A game for future doctors
– Maternity Operation that requires surgery skills
– Perform a caesarean c- section operation
– Cut open the tummy or stomach
– Feed the baby with yummy food
– Become a fashion designer by selecting good clothes
– Become a future doctor

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