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You have to Place dominoes next to another domino of the same number.
Players will put a tile on either ends of the board by turn. To put a tile, the board's end must match with the tile you play.
When a player is unable to play, he may draw a tile and pass his turn.
If someone cannot make a move, a player can draw a tile from the boneyard. he can then either play it if it fits, or continue drawing until he can make a move or the boneyard is empty.
If there are no tiles left in the boneyard a player must pass
To play a tile on the draw, you must drag and drop it. Touch the tile you want to move, then move your finger to the position that you want and release it in your chosen end of the board.

The game is over when one of the players holds no more tiles or none of them may play a tile.
There is two modes (easy and hard)

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Download Dominoes Game

Dominoes is a number game, minimum two players are required to start game, in this version mobile plays against you.

Game Rules:
Game chain end dots sum is divided by 4 if remainder is 0, score ( sum of chain end dots ) is credited. Whoever obtains 200 points first wins the game. If both player score is greater than 200 points the highest score wins the game. One game consists of many hands, the player whose hand chip sum is minimum wins the hand; if both players hand chip sum is 0; hand is declared DRAW.

* Score leader board, submit score and show your achievement to other players globally.

* Multiple chips designs.

* Tips and tricks feature – share your gaming experience with other players.


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