The game Dots is very simple: connect as many dots of the same color in interesting modes,
Timed: you are given 60 seconds to play. Moves: 30 moves in planning the tactics of the game. Challenge: here you can choose to play moves or time, you get to discover new icons for your profile in the game, fight and defeat strong opponents and win prizes. Play for free, earn points and you can buy a useful skill. Applying them wisely, you seriously increase your score in the game! Get more points for each removed. If you have little time or number of moves you can buy them directly during the game, also in the shop we have a lot of interesting themes for that would decorate your game: Classics, Dungeon, Halloween, New Year, Room Panic, Pizza, Space , System.
Dots and exciting like a favorite with all 3 in a row, points, candy, crystals and more.

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