Create Music through innovative drawing brushes Piano, Guitar and Tabla.

Draw your imagination on Musical canvas and share with the World.

It is very easy ,like someone makes a drawing and imagine that the drawing colors not only paints the drawing
but also produces the sounds of musical instruments as well.

A very simple way to create music with basic music notes using musical instruments like piano ,guitar and tabla.

Pick a musical instrument like a Drawing brush filled with a color and draw over the music sheet .
This will paint the music sheet and will produce the desired music.

Using speed bar Set different different speed to the drawing lines before drawing the line to vary the music speed.

Draw using two fingers ,its like painting with two drawing brushes ,two fingers will select two music instruments and music of the two instruments will play simultaneously.

Add new music sheets to draw more music.

After drawing the music ,Play the music composition.

While music is playing you can also change the speed of the music any time.

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