Duaas Companion contains Duaas (دعاء) which consist of supplications to implore God (Allah) in Islam.

35 islamic Duaas with audio (mp3), transcription and translation in 10 languages.

New: daily notifications for morning dua and evening dua to memorize and remember!

Other islamic supplications will be added.


Morning Dua
Evening Dua
Dua when waking up
Dua when wearing a garment
Dua before entering the restroom
Dua after leaving the restroom
Dua upon completing the meal
Dua upon breaking fast
Dua when leaving the home
Dua upon entering the home
Dua upon completing the ablution
Dua after the Adhan (the call to prayer)
Dua upon entering the mosque
Dua upon leaving the mosque
Dua when mounting an animal or any means of transport
Dua when entering the market
Dua when visiting the sick
Duaa upon Getting Angry
Duaa upon seeing someone in trial or tribulation
Duaa waking Up from a bad dream
Duaa for anxiety and sorrow
Duaa upon receiving pleasing news
Duaa upon receiving displeasing news
Duaa upon encountering an enemy or those of authority
Duaa for one whose affairs have become difficult
Duaa for settling a debt
Duaa to one who does you a favour
Duaa of the guest for the host
Duaa to the newlywed
Supplication for placing children under Allah's protection
Supplication for one afflicted by a calamity
Supplication for visiting the graves
Azkar upon hearing thunder
Azkar when it rains
Azkar before Marital Relations

This application allows you to memorize thanks to mp3 audios major Islamic invocations for many occasions in life such as the Muslim Salat, Ramadan, marriage (nikah), Ablution, entering mosque, exit of Masjid

Mp3 audios come from scholars with a clear speech in Arabic to learn well invocations (azkar).

This Islamic application allows you to improve learning of the religion (Islam)

In a nutshell, Duaas Companion contains essential islamic prayers for the daily life

It is important for the muslim to know the islamic supplications for regular acts like duaa al sabah, duaa for exam, duaa for forgiveness, duaa al istikhara, duaa for parents, duaa for sick

Islam is a wonderful religion which enable the muslim to get "hassanates" through daily supplications or occasional supllications (duaa istikhara, duaa for studying, duaa for birth)

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