It was all in ancient times, when the evil Lich King opened the gate of dark, and sent his undead legions attempting to take over the terrestrial world. Humans and the orcs joined forces to protect this land. In seeking of survival and freedom, young heroes from all races formed large or small teams to start their adventures. And their only faith and duty, is to eliminate the Lich King!

Duty of Heroes is a free turn-based, magic and fantasy styled RPG, and can be played on all Android devices. Get the App now and join game battles anywhere on your phone with fun!

– Log in the game in a continuously 15 days to receive fabulous rewards including Diamonds, Heroic Medals, Gold and etc
– PvP with top global players in the World Arena Tournament
– Upgrade your castle, and acquire resources from your land, to make your heroes and city stronger
– Strengthen the gears from battles through various forging systems
– Match your team with three professions and much more various fellow heroes. Brilliant hero choices means a lot in battles and PVPs!
– Cool and outstanding mounts help you reach victory out of a battle!
– Teamwork for Stronghold Wars, and for your guild's glory!
– Explore the dungeon and discover rare items
– Defeat the legendary archmage of darkness, destroy the ambition of the Undead!
– Recruit heroes with global players, complete your duties and withstand any evil force!

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