Share the joy of expecting a baby with your loved ones! The app can be used together with the fetal heart rate monitor sold by UnbornHeart.
• Listen to your unborn baby's heartbeat.
• Record fetal heart sounds for later playback.
• Share fetal heartbeat recordings with your family and friends.

The UnbornHeart app makes listening to your baby's heartbeat an entertaining and social experience by providing a way to record the fetal heart sounds and to share them with your family and friends. You can share the recorded fetal heartbeat via e-mail, text message, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The app also visualizes the heartbeat by showing the fetal heart rate and drawing a graph that follows the fetal pulse rate.

The app allows the mother to connect with her unborn baby and enjoy a special moment with her little one from the pregnancy week 12 onwards. Even more, the app allows the father-to-be to participate in the process of the baby’s development from the early stages of the pregnancy. What a great way for the future father to create a bond with his child! Better yet, how could you in a more touching and tangible way tell the grandparents-to-be that they are going to have a new grandchild than sending them the baby’s recorded heartbeat by e-mail or as a Facebook message!

UnbornHeart application is intended to be used for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be used for medical purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the fetal heart rate monitor safe?

Fetal Doppler detects a fetal heart rate using ultrasound technology, i.e. high frequency sound waves. Fetal Doppler sold by UnbornHeart is a completely safe, CE certified and FDA cleared fetal heart rate monitor.

2. How does the fetal heart rate monitor work?

The Doppler probe sends high frequency sound waves into the body and, when the position of the fetal heart reflects the ultrasound waves, the frequency of the waves is changed. Fetal Doppler receives the reflected sound waves and uses the Doppler Effect concept to calculate the change in frequency and provides an audible simulation of the heartbeat. This sound is then amplified through the headphones. Fetal Dopplers have been around for many decades, and no adverse effects have ever been reported from their use.

3. What are the benefits of using the fetal heart rate monitor?

Originally, fetal heartbeat monitors were used only by medical professionals, but they have become increasingly popular for home use during pregnancy. This is because baby's heartbeat monitors can help reduce anxiety during pregnancy and offer reassurance especially during the early stages before it is even possible to feel the baby moving. Listening to a fetal heartbeat is also a great way for a father-to-be to bond with his unborn baby.

Expecting a new family member is a joyous part of life but, with so many very personal feelings involved, there may be plenty of useless worry and fear. With the Fetal Doppler monitor an expectant mother can, between visits to the maternity clinic, listen to her baby's heartbeat.

4. What are the benefits of using the Fetal Doppler UnbornHeart mobile app?

It brings home monitoring experience with a fetal heart rate monitor to a totally new level with new amazing features. For example, you can
• Record fetal heartbeat for later playback and sharing.
• Share baby's heartbeat recordings with your loved ones.
• You can share heartbeats via email, text message, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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