Enjoy fishing to overcome competitors and create your glorious fishing diary.

Fishing Online is a full free game with HD quality graphics. While other fishing games just provide simple mode to play alone, Fishing Online propose more features in game. Besides the single mode providing in game, you'll be able to catching magnificent species of fish with your friend on the same device. Furthermore, you'll have the chance to overcome your competitors when you join the online mode.

There are 7 powerful Guns and Bullets to choose from in size and range. Gun wisely using small Bullets for small fishes and big Bullets for large prey. The cost of the bullet is equivalent to the Level of the Gun (Example: Lv. 1 Bullet will cost you 1 Gold and Lv. 7 Bullet 7 Gold).

To bring the joy for you, Fishing Online offers:
★ 15 varieties of colorful sea creatures.
★ 7 different Levels of Guns and Bullets.
★ 3 kinds Super Gun with different powers.
★ Single mode, multiplay mode, online mode.
★ Quest system for challenging you to achieve and get more gold.
★ HD quality in graphics, good music/sound and nice effects.
★ Hourly Bonuses, Daily Gifts.

Enjoy your fishing diary ^_^ !!!

What our Fans say about Fishing Online game:
– I'm Hooked on Fishing Online. This game is the big fish in the small pond, its great, addictive, and helps the stress levels 🙂 – Ralph Heymans
– With Fishing Online, we can play game together on my tablet. It's the best feature that I like <3 – Melody Newman
– Easy nice game. Fishing Online is very good relaxation game (: been playing it on and off for some years i think. – Jamie Wayne
– I spent a lot of time to play Fishing Online with my competitors. Game graphics is so good ! – Joel Leslie
– Fishing Online Just can't get enough, love Fishing Online. – Christine Fittler
– I love some kind of fishing game. I really really like fishing joy and fishing diary but fishing online take me a lot of free time to enjoy it. – Peter Neivlle

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