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★ Play 4 in a row and variations ★

This application includes the classic Four in A Row plus several variants:

☆ Four In A Row 9×6 (bigger board)
☆ Pop Out (bottom pieces can be removed)
☆ Five In A Row (align 5 pieces)
☆ Torus 4 (what if the board was a cylinder)

All Jocly features included:

☆ artificial intelligence to play alone / offline
☆ server connectivity to play real people, create or join tables, invite friends
☆ full rules description
☆ live games are saved and can be replayed
☆ ELO based leaderboard
☆ and many more …

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Download Four In A Row

FOUR IN A ROW looks simple enough. But don't let the sunny graphics and background of green pastures, flowers, and rainbows fool you! If you don't pay attention and strategize, you are doomed. Yes, DOOMED! In this exciting connect the dots game, only the STRONG WIN.

Challenge your brain in this deceptively simple game for Android. FOUR IN A ROW is reminiscent of the once popular – now retro – 1970s game. Play against friends, artificial intelligence, or conquer the world one player at a time in this new FREE DOTS GAME for ANDROID!

Are you smart enough to color match four coins in-a-row and win?


– On the screen is an empty grid.
– Each player is assigned a color, either RED or GOLD.
– Players take turns, placing their COLORED COIN into an EMPTY SPACE in the grid.
– The first player to place FOUR of their colored coins in a row – either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally – wins the game!


1. In your first turn and early on in the game, place your coins in the empty spaces in the center of the board. From this position, you can open up more options for a potential win via vertical, horizontal, or diagonal four-in-a-rows!
2. Did you know three in a row is almost just as deadly? Head off your opponent and block them before they connect the lines, making three coins in a row. If you can keep the damage down to maximum two in a row, then you are doing well.


A challenging FOUR IN A ROW game is always at your fingertips.

– PLAYER VS PLAYER : Compete with your friend on the same device. No Internet connection required for local game mode.
– PLAYER VS COMPUTER : Choose from three difficulty modes – EASY, REGULAR, and DIFFICULT. You can play without an Internet connection in Player vs Computer game mode.
– PLAY ONLINE : Challenge a friend in Google+ or be matched with a random player who is currently online and playing the app. An Internet connection IS required to play online game mode.

FOUR IN A ROW maximizes this simple gaming concept in a well-designed free app for Android phones and tablets. Connect with your friends and loved ones in this entertaining family game!

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Download Four In A Row

Thanks for download Four in a Row .

Four in a Row is to make a line of 4 tiles before your opponent , you can pull the line vertically, horizontally or diagonally .

There are 2 modes of game one against the cpu and the other against a friend , you can concentrate and use all your wits and skill to win the opponent at different levels of difficulty ( easy, normal and hard) .

This game is ideal for children and adults it serves to speed up your memory and concentration as it is a puzzle style game and puzzle .

Enjoy with your family or friends in this classic that never goes out of fashion and now totally free.

The game will absorb like a sponge because its artificial intelligence is very neat and is high quality .

Thanks to my friends and especially my friend Bob for graphics designed to be the success of the year.

Do not forget to invite your friends through Facebook if you enjoyed the game.

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Download Four In A Row

Connect 4 pieces of your colour in a line before your opponent. The popular game is now in your hands every time you can spare a moment for a challenge or a bit of relax. Excellent for testing your skills or teaching strategy to kids. Play with a friend or try to beat our well-trained virtual players and see your improvements game by game.

A classic! Start playing now for free! 🙂

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