Finally a cooking game and one restaurant, completely free game which is not going to ask you to buy credits or nothing to advance the game. It is a blend of the best cooking games and restaurant in one, in which there are two modes to play, story mode where you have to go past the levels and endless mode where you have to go cooking and serving customers until you are completely eliminated. In Story mode when you go through the levels gaining cooking and serving star angers which can get better service in the kitchen and at the table can buy, new dishes, pans, cooking stoves for cooking more powerful faster a soda machine ………. How to Play: Customers entering the restaurant and you will order the food they want and you have to cook the careful it does not burn and the customer to leave and miss the game. You must serve food like chips, meat, sushi, vegetables, fish ……. Make this game your fun, remember you have to demonstrate your ability to cook and serve and so have the best restaurant in the world.

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