With the new FarmView 2.0 monitoring service tool, we offer innovative software which provides regular,
real-time status monitoring. Now you can monitor your MIone with even greater flexibility – anywhere
and anytime – using mobile end devices. Our integrated service calendar and logbook provide you with information about your upcoming service appointments and the maintenance work carried out. Ensure that you
benefit from the advantages of FarmView by signing a service contract at your dealership.

Status analyses at a glance:
Milk yield, milking duration or box utilization: Take advantage of regular analyses and an intelligent
warning system. FarmView displays your current system data and shows as well trends thanks to the constant data exchange between the milking system and FarmView.

Daily back up service:
Daily data backups are carried out in addition to the constant data exchange. As a result, FarmView keeps
your data twice as safe and accessible even when an emergency occurs. The proven procedure utilizing
mGuard safeguards network security: This protects your milking system against unauthorized access and guarantees secure data transfer.

Live view of the milking process:
In the era of automation, in which a constant presence during the milking process is unnecessary, FarmView
provides you with a comprehensive picture even from a distance: The live view lets you monitor the milking
process and see which cows are currently being milked, which are overdue and also lets you see the system status.

Overview of all data with the new Dashboard:
The new Dashboard lets you view your selected milking statistics, recent warnings and logbook entries along
with your upcoming service appointments as soon as you access FarmView 2.0.

Service calendar for a good planning:
Your service calendar always keeps you up-to-date so that you know when the last service was carried out
and when the next one is due. The service logbook allows you to check at any time which service in which activities were carried out and by whom. This serves to make the maintenance process transparent for you, as well.

Remote maintenance
Preventive measures drastically reduce downtimes. However, should an “emergency“ nevertheless occur,
your FarmView Team consisting of worldwide experts will be glad to assist you: the data received will be
analyzed, a prognosis of the problem will be given and remote maintenance will be carried out where needed.
Feel the benefit of greater system availability and quicker reaction times.

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