★Are you ready to take a monumental tour of cracking and smashing of whatever that comes in your way as you run and slide into a surreal 3D world of the unknown? ★Glass Breaker – Smash Game 3D★ is one of the top smasher games of today and is here to provide you with a completely immersive smashing games experience full of authentic visual and sound effects, guaranteeing hours of fun, enjoyment and relaxation. Smash and crack glass obstacles in your path and experience the best destruction effects on your screen! Become the ultimate glass destroyer and get rid of stress NOW! ★
♥ Endless runner game;
♥ Gorgeously designed 3D worlds;
♥ Addictive mechanics and gameplay;
♥ Impressive physics and object movements;
♥ Authentic glass cracking effects;
♥ Great accompanying sound effects;
♥ Tap to shatter;
♥ Throw balls to “smash glass” and crystal obstacles in your way;
♥ Hitting every crystal you pass increases your power and gives you extra balls;

♥ Collision with the objects decreases the number of the balls;

♥ Unique experience of glass smashing and shattering!

★Smash it! Hit it! Slice it! Destroy everything in your path! What are you waiting for? Download one of the super smashing games free, crack glass, shatter objects in front of you and clear your way through the futuristic 3D world. ★Glass Breaker – Smash Game 3D★ is a top new first-person shooter game full of different levels to pass and interesting obstacles to crash. If you're fond of fruit smash games, ant smasher games, zombie smasher or endless runners, you're gonna love this smash game app. In this type of side-scrolling platformer, your task is to throw balls and smash glass and crystal structures, which earns you points and keeps you moving forward. By tapping on the screen you will toss metal balls to break glass objects, and with each smashed obstacle the number of your balls grows. However, be careful not to spend them all, avoid collisions with the glass obstacles and try to move forward for as long as you can. This excellent “smash hit” has an endless number of levels, but when you run out of pinballs you have to start over. All fans of crack games or crush games will enojoy this exciting adventure!★

★Smash it for free! Enjoy one of the most thrilling runner games free and “break glass” to activate brilliant shattering effects. This great arcade game wouldn't be such a smashing hit if it weren't for spectacular object movements, smooth effects and synchronized ambient music that enriches the whole smasher game experience. Quite amazing and totally immersive, ★Glass Breaker – Smash Game 3D★ is one of the most popular “glass games” on the market available absolutely for free as well as our other free mobile apps.★

★In this type of shooting games – target you have to be careful at aiming at your target because the camera is slowly moving forward through the 3D world and that makes it a bit difficult to shoot as your target is constantly moving. Download the Android app for free and you'll see that this smash hit game is one of the best 3D action games and one of the most thrilling platformers you've ever played. ★Glass Breaker – Smash Game 3D★ is an effective stress reliever and an usually interesting pastime for adults but can also be categorized as one of the most addictive games for kids. If you've played some of the popular fruit smash games or zombie smasher, you'll see this is nothing like them – it is way better! Therefore, wait no longer, download this crack game free and enjoy the endless adventure but be careful not to get a cracked screen. Smash games for kids and adults are here just for you.★

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