• Over 1500+ magnificent single themed icons! (More in the paid version!)
• An incredible amount of alternatives are included. More than 2250+ alternatives currently!(Only in the paid version!)
• High quality icons! (xxxHDPI – 192x192px)
• Dynamic calendar support!
• Smart icon request tool! (Only in the paid version!)
• Premium icon request tool! (Only in the paid version!)
• Icons section with a search function!
• Over 85+ high quality cloud based photography wallpapers!
• Over 50+ high quality cloud based abstract graphic wallpapers!
• Regular weekly updates! (Only in the paid version!)
• Report bugs feature!
• Fast support is guaranteed if you have any issues. Contact me directly per E-Mail or on Hangouts/ G+.

How to use it
• Apply icons automatically!
1. Jump to the apply section inside the app.
2. Search after your installed launcher. All supported launchers are written below.
3. Hit "apply" to take over the icons. You may have to confirm the apply process via a new pop-up window by a launcher.
• Apply icons manual! (If the automatically process isn't working or your launcher is not listed.)
1. Jump to the settings of your installed launcher.
2. If your installed launcher supports icon packs, you will find a option to set an icon pack.
3. Just choose this icon pack of the listed icons and apply it.

Supported Launchers (~22)
• Action, ADW, Apex, Atom, Dodol, Epic, GO Launcher, Holo, Holo HD, Inspire, Kcin, KK, L, Lucid, Mini, Nemus, Next, Nine, Nova, S, Solo, Themer, CM Theme Engine, Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon and many more launchers
I recommend the Action and Nova Launcher

• It is not guaranteed that this icon pack works correctly with your LG Home Launcher version. LG Home Launcher is unstable on some devices. Also the Launcher doesn't support many (icon pack) features. Don't buy this icon pack just for the LG Home Launcher. Because it's LG's fault if it doesn't work, I will not refund it.
Apply the icons on the Smart Launcher only via the launcher card in the Glim dashboard.

• If you are not satisfied with my icon pack or only with some themed icons, then just contact me per E-Mail or write your complains/ suggestions in the community.

Check Evolve out for unique and stunning wallpapers! They fit perfectly to my Glim Icon Pack!

Miscellaneous (Credits etc.)
• Photography walls by Unsplash.
• Screenshots: Wallpapers are included in the Glim Icon Pack.

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