This app is test version of 'GPS Maps 2 Gear' app.

GPS module:

– Latitude
– Longitude
– Altitude
– Current speed
– Accuracy of position
– Fixed satellites number
– Live satellites signal strength (in form of bar chart)
– Sunrise and sunset times for your location

Maps module:
– view map on smartwatch
– preview of map seen on watch accessed from mobile phone
– remote controlling map from you watch (myLocation, move, zoom)
– show/hide icons on watch (click samrtwatch screen)
– auto-tracking your location
– change map type (roadmap, satellite, hybrid, terrain)
– set refresh rate ('None' makes refresh only when you perform action, or change location)
– change navigation mode (driving, bicycling, walking)
– LONG CLICK on maps on mobile phone will set destination location
– set destination
– follow route drawn on screen

– it keeps moving map as you move
– you are always in the center of a map
– only moving map will disable it
– click 'myLocation' to enable it again

How to use:
– Run app on Gear 2
– Run app on mobile phone
– Click 'Connect'
– Wait for GPS fix
– Enter destination (or long press on map)
– Lock your mobile phone and use smartwatch

You can turn off the screen and updates will still be pushed to watch. Similarly when you press 'Home' and put app to background. App uses then internet connection for map fetching. When using with phone unlocked it get maps from your mobile phone Google Maps cache.

!! Tip
In Display Settings set Wake-up gesture to 'Last viewed screen'. Then after screen on your GPS coordinates will still be there.

If you like the interface and capabilities, download the real app from Samsung Galaxy Apps.

First you need to install Gear Manager and then search for 'GPS Maps 2 Gear'.

Also you may be interested in downloading 'Remote Cam Effects' which give many features improving usability of your smartwatch. It adds a lot of live effects and is able of performing 'flashfie'.

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