Buckle up for hot pursuit between cops and robbers in street racing game. Play Grand Theft Police Car Pursuit to catch badass criminals and thugs. Engage crime in insanely thrilling car chase and do not let robbers escape on city highway.

Relish the driving of super duper fast cars with no brakes in this action packed 3D game. All modern cops vehicles are at your disposal to chase and arrest criminals. Maneuver in city streets and catch gangsters during heist. As a law enforcement officer, lead the counter terrorist SWAT team but avoid shooting first. Drive modern police cars and motorbikes in lethal encounters. Take your comanche helicopter out of the hanger and fly over skyscrapers in massive open world skyline. Locate targets and do the damage with force on ground. After successful flight land helicopter on helipad.

You played boeing airplane flight and helicopter rescuer simulator games before, now witness real flying experience of police helicopters. Get on your chopper and chase criminals in city streets dodging narrow crashes. As a skilled motorcycle rider and car driver, hunt down thugs trying to escape on their motorbikes. Avoid crashing into big city traffic and do not smash cars or you will lose life. You need expert parking skills to park vehicle outside crime scene. The thief grab auto and trying to flew Iraq city like middle east. Arrest terrorist from harbor, regain control of law enforcement. Brilliant game to chase gangsters missions with city police autos.

Coolest Features 2016:

•10 action packed crime pursuit missions
•Free modern cops cars, police helicopter and super fast heavy bike
•Fly copters in open world environment for never ending fun
•Smooth touch control for precise car driving and parking
•High quality 3D graphics

Download Grand Theft Police Car Pursuit 3D sim game to control street crimes and keep the bad guys off the streets.

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