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Now you can play “Hangman” game in your mobile and enjoy it with your friends and family. Guess words from different category and some very rare words to make it more excited to play. You have to guess the word before your character is hanged. All you have to do is safe your character from being hanged.
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The classic Hangman game like in your childhood.

Find more than 5000 words in english!

Incoming :
1.5 :
– 2 players mod
– New words

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Hangman is a classic word puzzle and quiz game.
The main goal is to guess all letters of the hidden word in the blackboard before the stickman is completely drawn.

It is easy, fun, free and also educative!!! It is available with words in english.

Are you learning a new language or just want to improve your vocabulary?
Try Hangman: guess the word right now!

★ Many word categories.
★ Fun.
★ Amazing graphics.

☆☆☆How to play:☆☆☆
★ Select which language words you want.
★ Select the level.
★ Try to guess the letters in order to complete the word.
★ Try to guess words selecting the category and completing it as fast you can so you will get a high score.

Download this amazing hangman free game today and join the fun!

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Download Hangman

The classic hangman game with 2 languages ​​Spanish and English.
100% totally free game, this game has micropayments.
Images created by Máximo Sánchez

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Hangman for mobile (touch) is a classic word guessing game. The mobile phone thinks of a word and you need to guess it by suggesting letters. The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes, giving the number of letters.

Enjoy hours of fun with our classic hangman free version.

You can choose words from different dictionaries, such as "Basic English", "Capital names", "Country names", "Animals".

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*** The classic HANGMAN game is available on your Android device at last! ***

Guess each word letter by letter to avoid a grisly fate… When you've mastered that, compete against your friends with two different game modes—challenge each other on Facebook or use our new, exciting head-to-head two-player mode!

HANGMAN is completely free to try! The arcade version contains hundreds of free questions—how many can you solve?

Compete against your friends on Facebook! Or use our two-player mode to play face-to-face!

Pick from a wide variety of categories like celebrities, music, movies, geography, sports, etc.

Stumped? Reveal and remove letters to avoid a gruesome fate!

HANGMAN contains so many questions that less than 1% of all players manage to solve them all. Will you be one of them?

Challenge your friends to a game of HANGMAN today!

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Download Hangman

Are you good enough to guess a movie/tv show or actor? If yes then this is the perfect game for you! This is the clone of the traditional paper game where you used to be playing this game on the paper. You can now play this game on your Android device!

This game includes following categories:
TV Shows
Cartoon Characters
and others…

You will be given 10 chances only to guess! So Download it now and have fun!

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Download Hangman

The hangman game revisited.
Different theme for each category : dinosaurs, countries, flowers, animals, fruits and vegetables.
Read useful information about dinosaurs after finding their name (in French only, coming soon in english if you enjoy this game…).
More than 600 words to discover.
Application in French and English.
Try it now for free!

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With more than 3000 words!
Challenge your brain and your friends to discover the hidden word.
What are you waiting for?
Download it now!

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Hangman is the classic pen-and-paper game.

You are presented with a word or multiple word phrase to guess, the game will pick one from random based on the category that you choose.

You then try to guess the phrase by choosing letters. If the letter is part of the phrase, then the letters will be revealed in the correct positions. If the letter is not part of the phrase, then the letter will turn red and you will more one move closer to losing the game and the hangman image will advance forward one step.

The game ends when one of the following conditions are met:

1. All the letters of the phrase are uncovered.
2. The hangman is complete.

Hangman is a simple game that can pass the time on a long car journey, yet it also has the ability to get your brain working.

This version of hangman is designed as a single player game. The computer will pick random words for you to guess.

It will improve your knowledge of the English language, increase your vocabulary and spelling.

As with our other apps, we aim to design clean, easy-to-use apps.


– Is completely free.
– Does not need internet access, so will work anywhere, anytime.
– Has a selection of words suitable for all ages.


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Do you think you know? Think again.

Nothing compares to this brand new Hangman.

What are you? A movie buff, music lover or sports fanatic. Join us for the adventure.

Hangman will give you the best question selection.

Hollywood : You’ve seen some awesome action, thriller, comedy movies and what not. But do you know much about them?
Do you remember the name of the actors, directors and fun facts? Let’s try.

Bollywood : Musical, romantic and full on entertaining Bollywood movies have some interesting facts and trivia for you.

Music : What genre you like Rock, Country, Alternative, Metal or Pop? And what about the grammy awards?

Personalities : You love an artist but do you know about them?

Dictionary : Want to build your vocabulary? Get prepared for TOEFL, GRE or GMAT.

Sports : Are you crazy for Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball or Golf, here’s the place.

Places : Are you a Backpacker, Explorer or Dromomania ?

Kids : Want to reminisce about your childhood?

Cool graphics
Smooth and funny animations
Classical and Timed modes
Check who went how far in a stretch with leaderboard.
Tablet support.
Hours of FUN FOR FREE!

Play Hangman to save a life.


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Download Hangman

simple hangman game

* 3 levels,
* 9 categories,
* 1400+ words

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Best Hangman on the market. ** ENGLISH WORDS ONLY **

Highly polished graphics, real time hints from friends, 1000+ manually picked words, 37 diversified categories, quick Wikipedia reference, global highscores / achievements, detailed game statistics.

Large variety of words, from trivial categories like top websites and celebrities to more advanced topics like Greek mythology and Norse Gods. Check which topics of general knowledge are your strong sides and in which areas you could improve yourself – it's all in the game statistics screen. In the Play screen, tap the question mark button (top left) to quickly ask a friend for a hint (using Swarm as a platform). With the top right button you can go to your chat mailbox. When you fail to guess a word, you can simply tap to search it on Wikipedia.

I spent a great amount of time polishing this game, I hope you love it, and I hope you learn a few words / facts from it, I sure did 🙂

List of categories :
– Brands
– Fruits
– Animals
– Car models
– Car brands
– Countries
– Capitals
– Top movies
– Celebs
– Sports
– Greek mythology
– Norse gods
– US presidents
– Mythical creatures
– TV shows
– Beverages
– Top websites
– Cocktails
– Currencies
– Food
– Musical instruments
– Premier League clubs
– Chemical elements
– Flowers
– Dog breeds
– Computers
– Military ranks
– Gemstones
– Dinosaurs
– Colors
– Scientists
– Professions
– Superheroes
– Philosophers
– Clothes
– Virtues
– Emotions

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