The HRMonitor allows you to monitor and record your heart rate data. Application can interact with wearable heart rate monitor devices via ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocols. Also, we supports devices on Android Wear.

Note: At this time, we does not support all types of heart rate monitors. Now we support wristband devices. Tested to work with Mio Link and LG G Watch Urbane (W150).

Attention! Application doesn't support the most chest strap devices by now.
But as per some customer's reviwes it works fine with Polar H7 and CooSpo ANT+ straps.

If you use other equipment, and it works with our application, then please let us know.

Application has several settings for customization: type and color of chars, sound indication on/off, GPS settings.

=== Available features ===

** Standard version: **

– Display rate, including maps Google Maps;
– Display minimum, maximum and average values of heart rate, distance traveled, altitude difference (with the GPS) and calculation of calories;
– The creation of a user profile;
– Storage of the last three measurements;
– Sound indication of heart rate;
– Two types of heart rate zones.

*** Extended version *** (in addition to the standard version):
– Remove restrictions on the number of entries in the history of measurements.

*** Export version *** (in addition to the standard version):
– Data export in XML, CSV and TCX (Training Center XML) formats.

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