Playing this forklift simulator loading task you get to drive around in a industrial warehouse. First you will get a easy tutorial so you can learn the real cargo driver skills. Then after, you will have up to 50 exciting game levels which give many hours of awesome game fun.

As a forklift cargo driver your forklift simulator loading task is to manoeuvre around in your lift truck while organising the warehouse by putting the pallets, crates and boxes in order. As a forklift cargo driver you can use your lift truck forks up and down to get the pallets cargo and manoeuvre it towards another spot in the warehouse. Playing this forklift construction simulator you can use your lift truck for lifting crates up and down so they can be placed on order. This will be your main forklift simulator loading task.

Yes, this Forklift construction simulator gives you the real forklift simulator loading task experience. Get to be a real forklift cargo driver and drive your lift truck playing this construction simulator.

Heavy Forklift Challenge 2015 – KEY FEATURES

– up to 50 exciting and challenging construction simulator levels
– real original lift truck models do manoeuvre in
– get to feel like a real forklift cargo driver
– amazing controls to get the natural forklift simulator experience
– finishing each game level as fast as possible is the key to success

Heavy Forklift Challenge 2015 brings you many hours of gaming fun and up to 50 challenging game levels to finish. Please watch the clock and finish up in time while playing this forklift construction simulator.

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