Hercules lets you manage your bodybuilding, fitness and crossfit workouts, your timer and your training log in an intuitive and modern way.

★★★ Users reviews ★★★
I managed all my wod (crossfit) in Hercules, the timer feature is incredibly flexible and powerful. – Thomas

Best fitness buddy ever, I tried several apps, and with this one I can track my weightlifting workouts, it's a digital weightlifting log, I recommend it! – Rachel

Best app to manage your timer, your log and workout, you can add all your exercises and it's fully customizable. – Michael

No need to think about the timer anymore, Hercules does this for me. The perfect buddy during training! – John

Focus on your feelings and the good execution of your exercises and let your buddy Hercules manage everything else for you: rest times, exercises order, number of repetitions and sets to do, loads to lift, log, everything become easier. Your workout performances are recorded and your progression is displayed at the end of your workout.

• 80 predefined fitness & bodybuilding exercises, you can add your own
• Two workouts ready to go: the 7 minutes workout and the bodybuilding beginner workout!
• Create your own workouts / wod and exercises, sort them in customizable groups
• Generate workouts through the workouts generator (paid service)
• Configure your exercises : for each set customize rest time, load and number of repetitions
• You use some specific bodybuilding / crossfit / fitness machine? Take a picture from your phone and associate it to any exercise!
• You made a mistake during your session? Edit your performance right after!
• Bonus tool : a timer to manage your cooking times

During your workout / wod, Hercules will manage everything for you:
• Display the current exercise to do, with the number of repetitions to do, the load to use and rest times
• See your last performance on the set you are doing to beat it!
• Display the exercise complete description to do it well
• The next machine to use is unavailable? Change your next exercise on the fly!
• During the rest time, enter your performance, it will be added to your log, a beep will indicate the start of the next set
• At the workout end, your progression relative to the last session is displayed

Don't hesitate to send me your wod and workouts if you want me to add them in the best bodybuilding app!

TRIAL PERIOD OF 7 DAYS: Hercules is free during a trial period of 7 days. At the end you must unlock the application through an in-app purchase to be able to continue to use it. Thanks for your support.

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