You are the Hero Manager, leading heroes to repel invading monsters.
Unlock more heroes from the treasure boxes dropped by monsters.
Reinforce the collection and build up your own hero team.

Upgrade and/or Evolve heroes to improve the team’s damage output.
Heroes fight for you all year round even when the game is not running.

◎ Hero Evolution

You can evolve a hero with another same hero when his/she reaches the maximum level.

Evolution will change hero's appearance and increases the maximum level by 5.
You can evolve the same hero 9 times.

◎ Attributes

Heroes and enemies has 3 attributes: water, fire and thunder.
Water suppresses fire.
Fire suppresses thunder.
Thunder suppresses water.

An attack do 200% damage when suppressing attribute, which makes battle more efficient.

◎ Hero Formation

Each hero has his/her partners.
With partners in the same team,
Heroes gain an attacking bonus from the formation.

◎ Team Editing

Hero Manager can manage up to four teams.
Choose the members against the enemy’s attribute.
Find the best formation for the maximum attacking bonus.

◎ Rebirth Reward

After defeating the 20th enemy, “Rebirth” would be unlocked.
When you choose to rebirth, all S-rank heroes will change to level 1.

Heroes with lower ranks become soul power
and transformed into 3 special S-rank heroes.
These 3 S-rank heroes are only available through rebirthing.

◎ Community Resources

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