Highway Fast Racing is one of the most realistic Arcade racing games. Pick a car and head to the busy highway with only one goal in mind, to reach your car’s maximum limits while avoiding crashes.

Drive your car through insane highway traffic in an endless race or a time limited hot pursuit.
Earn more cash as you push your car to its limits and closely overtake other vehicles or drive on the opposite lane. Use your hard earned cash to buy increasingly powerful premium cars or upgrade your existing one.

Do you have what it takes to be the highway’s fastest driver? The key to be a star in the worldwide leaderboards is not only to have excellent driving reflexes, but also to invest in a faster and better car. The fun never ends as you can play the game in an endless racing mode where you compete against yourself to beat previous driving distance records.

Here are the features that make Highway Fast Racing an excellent choice for racing enthusiasts:
✔ Adrenaline-Rush Traffic Racing Gameplay`Control your car on a highly-trafficked highway either by tilting your device or using touch controls. Opposite-side driving and close overtakes (at high speeds over 100kph/62mph) increase your cash bonus. Enjoy realistic traffic behavior and impressive graphics (powered by Unreal Engine 4).
✔ Choose your Ride`What suits you better, a powerful truck or a fast red sports car? There are 10 different cars available, one more powerful than the other. Just as in real life the fast/luxury cars are expensive so you’ll need to play hard to afford those.
✔ Car Upgrades & Tuning`Upgrade your car's maximum speed and its acceleration to drive faster. Improve its braking system, handling and robustness to avoid high-speed accidents or be able to sustain more damage. Other car tunings allow you to paint your car in a different color or change the wheels.
✔ Rent a Car`Don’t have enough in-game coins to purchase a fast car? No worries, you can rent a premium car for peanuts and drive it in the next race to experience raw power. This is the only traffic racing game that currently has this feature.
✔ 9 Game Modes`You can drive fast through busy highway traffic in 9 different modes. Choose an Endless race to drive until your car goes bust on a 1-2 lane highway or a free ride. Pick one of the 4 available daily quests that require you to drive several miles or do a certain amount of close overtakes before time runs out to get big bonuses. Lastly, you can pick a time trial to see how far you can go in a short period of time.
✔ Choose your Highway`Midwest Campaign « Corn Belt » or Arizona Desert « Road 66 ».
✔ Game Achievements and High Scores`Connect via Google Play Services to access over 40 different achievements. Access 5 different leaderboards (depending on the played game mode) to compare your high-speed driving skills with your friends’.

Highway Fast Racing is not only a simple racing game, it also helps you improve your eye-hand coordination. With beautiful graphics and a fast paced soundtrack you’re in for a great racing experience. Just tap the Install button and start experiencing real traffic racing.

This game will be updated regularly and new original features are already in development for the next release. We're always thrilled to hear from our players so if you have any feedback or comments send us a message or write a review to help us make Highway Fast Racing a game to your liking.

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