HUD Hologram Speedometer is a simulator of hologram, projects digital speedometer on a car windshield from the phone screen! Laser projections & holographic interfaces look impressive in sci-fi movies? HUD Hologram Speedometer is not a regular hologram simulator! It’s functional digital speedometer, works in 2 modes: projection (the projection of the device display on a windshield) and standard (digital speedometer on the phone screen). The app HUD Hologram Speedometer in the projection mode works more effective in night time.

1. Turn on the app HUD Hologram Speedometer
2. Put the phone on the car dashboard with the back of the phone down
3. Drive!

ATTENTION! The work of HUD Hologram Speedometer in the projection mode DEPENDS on the illumination and on users preferences of the screen brightness! Projection looks better on the windshield at night time and with maximum screen brightness settings!

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