Huebert is the world's largest digital coloring library. Thousands of coloring pages from Dover's large coloring book collection. The books blanket a comprehensive range of popular fun and educational themes.

– Zoo Animals
– Fairies around the world
– Life in Ancient Mexico

To access unlimited catalogue, you need to subscribe to Huebert for a low monthly or yearly fee.

Under the hood, Huebert offers powerful features: a high-fidelity, professional grade drawing engine, multiple brush strokes, a 'zoom' to color in the finest details, an eraser and multiple 'undos' when you want to try something else. Try doing that on paper!

Huebert is designed for kids! A simple interface, a curated coloring palette, and parental gates that keep younger kids from sharing or purchasing unwanted items.

Finding just the right coloring page quickly among the thousands available can be tricky. Not with Huebert! Every book is tagged so you can search across the entire collection.

With a Huebert PAID SUBSCRIPTION you have unlimited access to the entire coloring library, which keeps getting bigger with 3-5 new books added every month. How's that for value!

There's also a gallery where you can save and share your creations. Isn't Huebert awesome?

Coloring book categories:

Amazing Animals
History Buffs
Fairyland Enchantment
Kindergarden Basics
Science & Me
Flowers & Butterflies
Monster Mayhem
Plains, Trains & Automobiles
Sports, Music & dance
Explore the World
Science Fiction
Great Books
American History
Wildlife & Nature
Reptiles & Bugs
ABCs & 123
Dragons, Wizards, Pirates & More
Mystical Mandalas & Shapes
World of design
Religion Around the World
Merry Christmas!
Holiday Celebrations

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