iCloud Contacts Sync is Carddav client for Android to synchronize contact in iCloud Server by your Apple Id.

The app will not sync Contacts from other accounts (like Google) to iCloud!
If you find a bug send me an email, please. Without detailed error description I often can't do anything especially when I can't reproduce it. If you report bugs I can fix them quickly.

* Support custom label.
* Instant sync.
* Suitable to using with iDevices & Mac OSX Contacts.
* Two-way-sync with iCloud server.
* Support multi-AppleId
* Basic support for self-signed certificates
* Auto-provisioning
* Support Relations, IMs, Anniversaries , Avatar …
* High security, stores passwords encrypted
* Efficient sync-algorithm
* And FREE 😀

BTW : Please contact me(English, Vietnamese) if you have problems, just writing a comment like "Doesn't work on…, .." won't help neither you nor me to get it running on your device. 😀

iCloud and Apple are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The author of this app is not related to Apple in any way.

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