iTrousers – The latest and greatest in QWOPPING technology.

•Programmable QWOP walks.
•Obstacles like lemons, hurdles and stairs.
•A combustible whale with hipster glasses.

So much fun. Don't get wasted. Approved by the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Added in v1.20:
•New characters and trousers! Earn coins as you play and use them to unlock new stuff!
•Google Play Leaderboards and Achievements. Challenge your friends and the world!
•Added in In-App Purchases to buy more coins.
•Small bug fixes.

•Fixed screen resolution issues with small screens.

•Added a Reset button in the control panel.

•Added four new characters and trousers.
•Lowered prices for certain characters and trousers.
•Fixed scores not being reported after crossing the finish line.

•Fixed a bug where toy trousers weren't showing up.

•Removed all pop-up ads! Instead you can choose to view ads in return for coins! This is experimental at the moment and I'm testing to see what the response is.
•Fixed foot glitching through the ice.
•Added a back button in the character select screen.

•Enabled multi-threaded rendering = smoother frame rates on most Android devices.
•Reduced clipping through the hurdles.
•Fixed bug with presets sometimes not saving after trousers were on fire
•Fixed bug with scores not being reported after crossing the finish line
•Fixed bug with # of wins

•Reduce limb breakage, still happens though due to excessive force on a limb
•Feet physics have returned to v1.1 days

•Added 3 new characters and trousers!
•Optimized particles to use mobile textures
•Earn 4 coins per ad view

•Added in a new leaderboard: Best Worst Score – what's your best negative score?
•Re-enabled in-app purchases

•Fixed touch controls in character selection screen
•Fixed video playback for certain android devices

•Zombermy and the Ragged Trousers.
•Gamebermy and the Controller Trousers.
•Discounts when purchasing lots of coins.

•New obstacles and increased distance to 440m. Expect more new obstacles in the future!
•New checkpoint system. Spend 1 coin to restart at the last checkpoint!
•New program button is a preview of the control panel.

v1.33: Increased distance to 640m! New obstacles like landmines, escalators and skateboards!

•Earn gifts as you play that unlock new characters and trousers!
•New characters: Luchadermy and the Wrestling Trousers, Swanermy and the Tutu Trousers

•Small bug fixes

•New characters: Rayermy and the RX78 Trousers, Kabutermy and the Samurai Trousers

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