******** Jewels Journey ********

A completely free three consumer class single game.
Eliminating a set of casual puzzle games in one.
A lovely children's picture-style mobile games.
A beautiful fantasy female mobile games.
Jewels Journey use of smooth R & D technology with a stylish design, ultra high-definition picture sense, props frequent, bursting with surprises.
In the limited scope of time and space and props, as much as possible to collect more gems elements, happy holidays, happy to play with stones Diminshing it!

Jewels Journey features:

1, cool beautiful game scene screen.
2, the bright eyes of a variety of special effects blind design.
3, play simple and approachable.
4, a variety of ways to share your pick.
5, support for Google global rankings.
6, multi-level design, challenging.
7, attentive user guide.

Jewels Journey play:

Using the traditional right touch play, match three or more identical elements can be removed, eliminating more elements get more scores, as well as the opportunity to generate different props, rational use of props, easily collect pets, earn scores.

Within a specified number of steps needed to complete the number of elements in the collection of gems and scores, you can cross the border.

For the crowd:

Unisex, all ages

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