Intuitive, fun jigsaw puzzle for kids featuring wild animals from all around the world. See squirrels from the forest, lions from the savannah, hedgehog from the garden, koalas from the jungle, pandas from china and asia and of course much much more. This puzzle game will surely be a hit for any toddler interested in animals and wildlife as it's packed with loads of real professional photo jigsaw puzzles.

kids animals jigsaw puzzles is perfect for children of any age thanks to the 4 different size, 6, 9, 12 and 16 pieces. Smaller kids start training on 6 pieces and as they grow and get better they simply just step up a size. In addition there are multiple difficulties, choose between a wooden background, black-and-white puzzle and with or without puzzle piece outlines.

Apart from the big variety of animals, this game also features rewards and fun sound when a puzzle is completed.

* Over 20 puzzles in the full game containing lions, zebras, birds, fishes, hippos and much more. 6 puzzles are free
* Multiple difficulties and size of the puzzles
* Fun rewards to pop after each completed puzzle
* Child-safe single in-app purchase to remove all ads

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