If you like old Macdonalds farm, animals, or life on a farm this is the game for you and your toddler! This scratch off game includes many farm related animals and environments, everything from animals like cow, pig and sheep to things like windmills and barns.

Kids Cow & Animal Scratch off let you visit old Macdonalds and meet all the animals. It is a classic game where a layer of some kind is scratched off to reveal a hidden image behind. It's suitable for kids and children to learn about colors, shapes, animals and farms. When a level is completed rewards appear on the screen, the reward can for example be vegetables that fly around and you can tap to pop.

★★★★★ REVIEWS ★★★★★
5/5 Great game! My 2 1/2 yr old loves it!
5/5 Great game My sons 4 and 6 love this game.
5/5 My child is 3 and loves this It's easy to allow him to play alone

* 16 levels, 8 free and 8 unlockable (childproof in-app purchase).
* 8 different types of layers to scratch off; solid color, black and white, twisted, blurred, frosted, tiled, crystallized and inverted colors. On old devices only a subset of layers are supported.
* Colorful HD graphics
* Farm Scratch Off Games with cows, pigs and sheeps, is suitable for toddlers and preschool kids (both boys and girls).

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