If you like to have fun, see tigers and going to the Zoo you have come to the right place! In this animal kingdom you will learn about the following animals: wolf, gnu, hippo, fox, lynx, otter, owl, polar bear, shark, snake, rhino, tiger, dolphin, bull, flamingos, gorilla, moose, and more . Each animal comes with a sign next to it, for you kid to associate and learn about the name of each animal.

This amazing animals game is a classic scratch off game where a layer of some kind is scratched off to reveal a hidden image behind. It's suitable for children to learn about colours, shapes, wildlife, zoo and animals.

★★★★★ REVIEWS ★★★★★
5/5 Just bought 2 more by Kavrakids. Great. Education value in this app is excellent with the animal names and the incorporation of some lesser known animals. The more the merrier
5/5 Very awesome app
5/5 Beautiful pictures

* 18 beautiful zoo levels, 8 free and 10 unlockable (childproof in-app purchase).
* 8 different types of layers to scratch off; solid colour, black and white, twisted, blurred, frosted, tiled, crystallized and inverted colours. On old devices only a subset of layers are supported.
* Colourful HD graphics
* This fun zoo game is suitable for toddlers and preschool kids (both boys and girls).

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