This free kids learning app helps your kids having fun based learning. This is a comprehensive application tailored for all your kids educational needs, and helps kids learning at the early age. It is well designed and packaged with 18 must have features for your kids learning & brain growth and suitable for preschool learning, toddler learning, nursery, Pre KG, LKG and UKG for the ages between 1 yr to 6 yrs.

This app offers wide range of activities to keep your kid engaged and yet have fun based learning. Features are well organized into different sections to make it easy for the navigation. It contains two app modes, suitable for toddlers, young children, and preschooler learning. Activities suitable for toddlers and younger kids are packaged into category "Age 1-3yrs". Activities suitable for older kids with age falls in between 4-6 yrs are packaged under category "Age 4-6yrs". The goal of the application is to offer comprehensive, suitable, and well connected learning continuous learning experience for the kids.

This kids learning app is also offering performance charts which are very unique and useful tools to assess the performance and growth of your kid over a period of time. It contains lot of practice modes and games to give your kid very challenging yet very entertaining practice sessions. App has the functionality to keep track of all your kids practice sessions, and provide useful reports to assess the performance and growth of the kid. This would let the parents understand where the kids need improvements and engage them in relevant activities.

Currently this kids learning app contains 17 unique features which helps your kid grow smarter. We are committed to provide regular updates to the app, and this will be added with lot of exciting new features in the future releases completely at free of cost.

Age category: 1-3yrs (toddler learning, preschool learning, Pre KG, LKG, UKG)
1. Learning Pictures (Currently includes Animals, transport, and general)
2. Animal sounds
3. Learning Alphabets
4. Learning Numbers & counting
5. Jigsaw kids puzzle for fine motor skills
6. Memory kids games
7. Finding pictures
8. Finding alphabets
9. Finding numbers

Age 4-6yrs (1st std, 2nd std)
2. Learning Number spellings
4. Learning Shapes
5. Memory kids games
6. Matching alphabets
7. Missing alphabets
8. Finding word spellings
9. Finding number spellings

User experience
1. Simple, intuitive, and easy to use interface
2. Performance charts to track child improvement
3. Cool animations
5. Smooth background music

Privacy disclosure:
We do take the privacy very seriously, and we are confirming that this app,
>> Does not collect and distribute any personal information
>> Does not contain any in-app purchases
>> Does not contain any links to social networks
>> Does not contain any sensitive information not suitable for children

However, this app is based on ads to provide the app at free of cost to the users. Ads are properly tagged for children to filter any sensitive information not relevant for the kids. Also, the placement of the ads are carefully done at the bottom of the screen to avoid the usability disturbances and unwanted clicks.

We are open to any feedback and suggestions which adds value to the kids learning, and improve this app further. . Thanks for your support.

Some of the graphics work used in this app are taken from public domain. Maximum care has been taken to avoid any copyright infringements. We will make sure to resolve any issues arises in quick time.

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