Introducing easy to use Picture dictionary for kids.
Our interactive children's dictionary brings words and images together with sounds,
Kids picture dictionary helps toddlers to improve their recognition, vocabulary and reading skills.

An app with amazing combination of more than 400 words which can help your kid to learn the meaning of world around him in a creative manner with attractive pictures and sounds, .

Unlike us, world of kids is no so familiar to them, They want to know, want to understand constantly try to co-relate things around them.
We have categorized objects(things) and grouped them together so that babies can co-relate words and recognize them fast.

Our Children's dictionary have 400+ common day to day objects, illustrated in fun and engaging way.
Try this app and see how much toddlers enjoys playing the app and starts recognizing things around them.

Picture dictionary is something where the definition of a word is displayed in the form of an attractive picture and sound.
Kids Picture dictionary is all about making learning a fun activity and saves lot of time and efforts to teach them.

** More than 400 common words children need to know are included!
** Teaches words in three languages: English, French and Spanish.
** Easy-to-use, highly responsive touch controls for little hands.
** Simple, organized layout for easy navigation.
** Help your child prepare for school or improve their vocabulary. Supports fluent reading and vital language skills.
** Designed to engage young learners with fun pictures, interactions, and sounds.
Full-color images and high-quality sounds accompany each word, allowing kids to build connections between written words, word pronunciations, and definitions.
** Over 25 various categories, including
Body parts
Dress & Accessories
Musical instruments
House objects
Occupations and much more!

Kids picture dictionary is the perfect go-to reference book for children age five and up. With over four hundred entries and pictures, this first dictionary features nouns, verbs, and adjectives that are most commonly encountered by young children.

Learning at home has never been this easy – or this fun!!
Start learning new words today – with the Kids Picture Dictionary!

Explore a world of great new words with the Children's picture dictionary at your fingertips!

Designed for children upto age six , this extensive picture dictionary is perfect for any young child learning basic words!

Animals, insects, clothes, colors and so much more! Kids Picture Dictionary is filled with vibrant colors making learning a fun, engaging and enjoyable experience –

Learning new words can be difficult so it’s important to start learning at an early age. With the Kids Picture Dictionary, young children can learn the names of animals, items and everything in-between. The word will appear alongside beautiful illustrations that simply jump from your device’s screen.

List of Categories :-

common household articles
Domestic Animals
female dress & accessories
living room
male dress & accessories
musical instruments
my body
sea animals
some other animals
sports & games
wild animals

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