Kiwi for Android Wear lets you control your phone by moving your hand while your phone stays in your pocket. Choose from motions like Karate chop, uppercut, thumb click and swipe, and waving your hand left and right.

Key features:
– Dismiss annoying calls with a simple hand gesture
– Use motions to start/stop music playback or skip tracks when your music is playing
– Activate voice control using a simple motion
– Use Tasker to create your own actions!

More motions coming soon!

User Permissions:
Internet & Access Network State: for crash analytics and synchronizing motions from our server
Read Phone State & Call Phone: for detecting phone calls and suspending motion detection while you're in a call
Wake lock: Only for submitting analytics reliably
Location: For Hailo cab request

*Might not work with Google Music on 4.4.4 because it doesn't respond to the standard Media Play/Pause key event.

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